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Riverside Enrichment Center provides a nurturing, well-supervised environment

Riverside Enrichment Center provides parents with flexibility, affordability and “Peace of Mind” with respect to safety for their children.  Students sign-in upon entry and receive supervision until signed-out by a parent or legal guardian. Students must obtain bathroom passes and use the buddy system for bathroom breaks. The average indoor staff-to-child ratio is 1:12 (often less) and the outdoor staff-to-child ratio is 1:14.

We believe homework is an essential component of a student’s academic experience. Mastering the process yields potential academic and personal success for years to come. Students are encouraged to complete their homework independently, and our staff is available to correct it or not (each teacher’s recommendations are strictly respected by the staff).  Students unable to complete their homework during the first hour are able to  during the second and third hours. Super School, Drama Club and Intervention students begin homework upon arrival at Riverside Enrichment Center.

When the homework is done, it’s time to have fun! Riverside Enrichment Center provides children with supervised free-play after they complete their homework.  Whether a student selects free-time on the playground or works on a science or art project, he/she looks forward to spending time with classmates. And, you can count on FUN FRIDAYS to be the favorite day of the week!


Riverside Enrichment Center offers flexibility and affordability

PFRD (Parents for Riverside Drive), a non-profit volunteer organization, oversees the Riverside Enrichment Center, designed to meet the needs of RDCS families.  Enroll students in one to four-hour increments for as many days as needed. At $8 per hour for the first student, and $5 for each additional sibling, Riverside Enrichment Center is an affordable option.  Fees cover the supplies and staff necessary to offer this quality program on our campus. Financial/hardship scholarships are available upon request and approval.

Please call or email 818.990.8559 or hwcfun@gmail.com to find out more about Riverside Enrichment Center. Stop by after school to complete and sign the forms and your child may begin attending Riverside Enrichment Center the following day.

For tax reporting purposes, our Taxpayer ID number (TIN) is 95-4520409.


Christina Santoro, Riverside Enrichment Center Manager

Luis Alvarez

Ripsime Arakelian

Julie Arce

Maria Mirzaie

Jason Ruffin

Lauren Weatherspoon

Ronald Weatherspoon


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*Tuesday dismissals: Riverside Enrichment Center begins at 1:29 pm. Early dismissals:Riverside Enrichment Center begins at 12:44 pm.


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