Help us raise funds for the Riverside Science Fair!

We have created a DonorsChoose Project for the Science Fair!

Each year in March, our school puts on our Annual Science Fair. During the Science Fair, students in grades Transitional Kindergarten through 5th display their Science Fair Collections, Models, and Experiments. We also invite members from different fields in the science community to participate as exhibitors at our Fair. Exhibitors provide short demonstrations and/or hands-on activities geared toward elementary aged science students.

The Science Fair gives our students a chance to showcase their learning and hard work while also providing them with the opportunity to interact with professional scientists from the community.

Our goal is to inspire students to become life-long learners in the field of science. Your donation will allow us to organize our Science Fair participants, providing booths for our students and exhibitors.

Help us build a better Science Fair!

Lost and Found this week

Find your child’s lost treasures!

When you come this week for parent teacher conferences, please remember to take a look at the fence outside of the kindergarten yard, near to the Ethel gate, to see if your child has lost any jackets or sweaters.  Thermoses and lunch boxes are located next to the Lost and Found bin, near the bathrooms.  Anything not retrieved by the end of the week will be donated to charity.  Thank you for your cooperation.

An easy way to help our school win some cash…

Did you know that our school can receive money when we participate in LAUSD surveys?  Well, we do!  So here’s a quick, painless way to currently help our school raise an easy monetary reward: please fill out the school survey, sent home earlier this month. (The letters originally sent home have individual codes which identify them, and are also needed if you want to complete the survey online instead of by paper.) Flyers will be sent home again to remind you, as well.  If we can raise our participation by 25%, we receive money, up to $2000, that goes to the good of the student body.

Thanks for your participation.