Committees 2017-2018

The Arts

The Arts Committee ensures that enriched experiences in the Arts are available on the Riverside Drive Charter School campus.

Working through six major Arts disciplines Fine Art, Music, Dance, Theatre, Creative Writing and Cinema), the Arts Committee works with the Administration, Staff, Parent Group and Governing Council to develop curriculum, infuse Arts education and exposure into the current curriculum, produce arts-based events, ensure a wide variety of Arts-based offerings through the after school programs, develop stand alone classes and instruction and produce Arts-based projects on campus which encourage participation from all grade levels.


Budget / Finance

  • Oversees and makes decisions regarding the budgeting and spending of the funds available through charter school grants
  • All members of the Governing Council are on the Budget Committee, and others are also welcome

Community Spirit

  • Promote and coordinate school community activities
  • Recruit and coordinate volunteers
  • Develop public relations strategies
  • Coordinate school/community support services


  • Development and evaluation of academic programs
  • Development and evaluation of special programs
  • Facilitate testing
  • Recommend course offerings
  • Focus on literacy
  • Monitor student outcomes


ELAC provides parents with a forum to express their thoughts and concerns about their children's education at the site and district level about their English learner students.

Grant Writing

Seeks out and apply for grants that will provide resources that support the school’s operation.

Positive Behavior / Attendance

The attendance committee is dedicated to finding ways to increase student attendance. Students can be most successful in school if they actually attend school as many days as possible. This committee will endeavor to research the causes of absenteeism and tardiness and work with parents and teachers to find ways to help students and parents work around those causes wherever possible. We will also raise awareness with parents and students of the impact absenteeism and tardiness has on students in both the short and long term.

Safety /School Climate

  • Monitor plant management as it pertains to safety Develop School
  • Safety/Discipline plan
  • Parking
  • Earthquake Preparedness


The Science committee helps our students develop a curiosity about the world around them. We inspire a passion for science by providing opportunities for hands-on experiences. We offer expanded science expertise, resources and tools through the science and garden labs. We encourage the students to question the world around them and to have the confidence to change it.

School Beautification

  • Organize school beautification activities, like planting and cleanup days.


  • Survey technology inventory
  • Develop technology plan
  • Coordinate technology grant writing

Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning Committee coordinates the efforts to implement the 5 year plan set forth in the Charter Petition. It also monitors our progress in reaching the goals set forth in the Charter Petition and
the LCFF.This includes the following activities:

  • Oversee selection of Data Coordinator
  • Supervise the data review tasks outlined in the Charter Petition, starting with review of the 2016 ?CAASPP test results
  • Present the results of the data reviews at a Faculty meeting, a Governance Committee meeting and ?a PFRD meeting
  • Monitor the scheduling of the Professional Development activities identified in the Charter Petition ?and help identify training resources as needed
  • Coordinate the engagement of school committees in support of the charter petition
  • Implement the annual Budget and Communications Survey
  • Coordinate Charter Petition renewal and by-laws updates Committee
Committees and their respective mission statements and objectives are subject to change.