Campus Beautification

Our Beautification Committee slogan is “Take Pride In Riverside!”

This committee exists to increase awareness and take action to maintain and beautify our school. We encourage all students to take pride in their school environment by taking an active role in its improvement. Several times each year we hold Campus Beautification Days, when we collect trash and yard debris from all areas of school, in addition to special projects. For example, our Earth Day Cleanup in the kindergarten yard, where we planted beautiful magnolia plants around the base of all the trees.


As an example, last February families got together and painted a colorful mural on the exterior walls between Room 24 and Room 18 and near the water fountains. The goal of this project was to add something beautiful and uplifting for our kids to experience as they come and go from class and play outside. It was inspiring to see so many parents and students coming together as a community to create something so memorable. Other projects we have taken on include new planting at the front of the school, fixing and painting the handball court, cleaning up an accumulation of outdated equipment behind the trailer classrooms and working closely with LAUSD officials to expedite repairs to the play structure.

How can you take part?

1. On a daily basis we encourage students and parents to pick up trash (not just your own!) Bring left-behind clothing to the lost and found. Care for the campus as you would care for your own home. Parents can help a lot by setting a good example and not ignoring trash on the ground. When a child sees a parent caring, they will too!

2. Please participate in the beautification days. Even if you can only spare half an hour, you can still make a difference simply by showing up at the event. We welcome and appreciate any and all of your help!


Anyone interested in joining our committee, please get in touch by emailing us here. We would love to have you! All of us together can “Take Pride in Riverside”!!

Kristin Bleier, Jenni Gerdes and Vatsana Bilavarn