Three Ways to Make it Happen:


1) Apply for a badge at LAUSD's site:

Follow this link and click on the icon like the image below:

screenshot of LAUSD volunteer application page


2) Print and return an application to the Front office


Printable PDF of the LAUSD Volunteer Application (Badge) downloadable here.

3) Fill Out A One Time Volunteer Form

This is limited to one use per year - for more volunteering, use the choices above to receive a badge.

Downloadable in English


Downloading in Spanish


7 Reasons To Become a Riverside Drive Charter Volunteer

Our school needs your help to provide its' students with a meaningful, enjoyable and well-rounded learning experience focusing on academic excellence, personal growth and development. One way to do your part is by volunteering. Why should you volunteer? As a parent volunteer, not only will you help the school but you will also:

  • Learn more about what makes Riverside Drive Charter so great.    This is an opportunity to closely observe how the school operates, learn about programs and activities that are offered to enrich your child’s education, identify deficiencies and assist in providing useful solutions to make them better.
  • Get acquainted with the teachers. Another important opportunity to find out how teachers TREAT, EDUCATE, ENGAGE and INSPIRE students.
  • Get to know other parents. This allows you to network with other parents for support whether for child care, transportation or just moral support, and to learn constructive suggestions to address any behavioral or child-rearing issues.
  • Observe your child interact with other children in his/her academic setting.  Parents get the chance to observe children with their peers and see first-hand how they are content and thriving in their academic environment.
  • Support your school. Schools have eliminated crucial subjects and activities due to budget cuts. You can help re-instate courses and activities that were cut to help ensure students receive the well-rounded education they deserve.
  • Send a message to your child that school is important.  Studies have shown that kids whose parents volunteer at their children’s school tend to do better academically.
  • Experience happiness! The BEST reason… your child’s bright SMILE BEAMING with PRIDEPRICELESS!

WANT TO HELP? There are many ways to become an active, engaged Riverside Drive Charter parent:

Participate in school activities/events: From Annual Giving to Campus Beautification...whether you open your checkbook or donate your time, every bit helps.

Are you ready to make a difference?  Get INVOLVED and VOLUNTEER!  Interested?  Contact the front office.