Fifth Grade News

Riverside Drive Charter’s
5th Grade Class of 2017

Save these Dates

March 17th
Spring Photos
These will be the photos used at Culmination. Casual/Dressy attire is suggested as these will accompany the diplomas.


March 30th
Panoramic Photo
Students should wear jeans or dark pants (no dresses or shorts please) and they will receive their 5th Grade Shirt on this day for the photo. Please make sure to keep track of this shirt as they will be wearing them for additional events through the end of the year.


April 11th 6pm-10pm
Ultrazone Fundraiser


May 26th
5th Grade Shirts are required for this event at Studio City Park during the school day.

June 2nd
Dressy/Casual attire is suggested. This event will be held during the school day starting at the first lunch from 11:40 to 2:25.

June 8th
8:30 A.M.