Lottery Application Information

2018-2019 Lottery Applications for the 2018-2019 School Year

Lottery Applications will be available in the main office and online, from January 22, 2018, until the application due date – March 9, 2018.

On January 22, 2018, the Lottery Applications will not be available until 8:15 am, but will be available from 7:30am-4pm thereafter, from January 23rd until March 9th.

All Lottery Applications are due by March 9, 2018 by 4:00 pm.
No exceptions can be made. 

The Lottery Application PDF will be downloadable from our website under the Admissions Tab. Please select the 2018-2019 Lottery Application for Riverside Drive Charter to download a copy of the application to print, complete, and submit to our office staff by March 9, 2018 by 4:00 pm.

Neighborhood Enrollment Packets:

Starting on January 22, 2018, Enrollment Packets are only available for students who reside in the attendance boundaries of Riverside Drive Charter. Students who reside in the attendance boundaries of Riverside Drive Charter do not need to complete a Lottery Application. All resident student addresses will be verified prior to an Enrollment Packet being distributed.