Science Fair Winners

Here are the  4th Annual RDCS Science Fair place winners for 2nd-5th grades:


2nd Grade
4th    Matthew Chaidez-Oasa
3rd    Casey McAuley
2nd   Anna Kromberg
1st    Stella Horvath

3rd Grade
4th    Liam Laver
3rd    Austin Hacket and Shivaan Nigum
2nd   Leo Tkabladze
1st     Janelle Nevills and Celia Miller

4th Grade
4th    Vesper Rose Hite
3rd    Jayden Afram
2nd   Cage Griswold
1st     Eli Henry and Emma May

5th Grade
4th    Ralphie Saenz
3rd    Owen Jones
2nd   Riley Becker and Sophie Eli
1st     Sophia Kaladjian and Alma Streett

Congratulations to all participants!